The Dutch hyacinth bulb glass book

15 januari t/m 13 maart 2016 An exhibition of Dutch hyacinth bulb glasses at the National Glass Museum in Leerdam. A book on the subject has been published to coincide with the exhibition. In this book an article on the hyacinth bulb glass made for the Inauguration of Queen Wilhelmina in 1898 which is aLees Meer

From the archives of DenRon Collections

      In may 1998 we went to a large auction of Dutch Royal commemoratives in the city of Dordrecht. The auction got a lot of attention in the dutch press, here are some newspaper articles: (click on photo to enlarge)    

The Royal Library

As part of the initiative of the Royal Library (KB) to save a selection of Dutch websites for future research, we also want to archive your website and keep them for the long term. It’s about the website and any associated subdomains accessible at the following URL (s): Websites often contain valuable information thatLees Meer

Interview Royalty magazine MAXIMA

The Dutch Royalty magazine Maxima reporter Yvonne Hoebe has written an article on our collection. You can read this in the july edition of MAXIMA magazine . For sale from 9-7-2015.

New web page-History

We are often asked the provenance and/or history of items in our collection so we will gradually add items with their background history on this page This time THE RUSSIAN QUEEN WILHELMINA CUP / BEAKER

New photo albums

We have posted  the following new albums on the photo’s page of the website. * The Princesses Amalia, Alexia & Ariane. Album NR: 56. * King Willem-Alexander period birth – present. Album NR: 53 * Beatrix period 1939- present. Album NR: 13 * Juliana period 1909-1935. Album NR: 30.  

Re-vamped website

Website Updated Our website has been updated and revamped. The photos are now integrated in the website and we also have a page with our double available items, this will be added to regularly. Thanks to our new web designer  Also our thanks to our former webmaster Linda Neijhof. enjoy

Our collection in the Dutch magazine Verzamelen

The article on our collection in the Dutch magazine “Verzamelen”:

ORANJE Souvenirs – made by DenRon Collections Amsterdam

ORANJE Souvenirs – made by DenRon Collections Amsterdam

Tentoonstelling Hollands Glorie

Vanaf 27 september a.s zal een klein gedeelte van onze verzameling  te zien  zijn  tijdens de tentoonstelling ” Hollands Glorie” Penningen uit het Koninklijk Huis archief in het GeldMuseum te Utrecht. De tentoonstelling laat in Goud, zilver en brons een glimp zien uit het leven van onze Oranje vorsten vanaf Koning Willem I. De tentoonstelling duurt eenLees Meer

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