Interview with Royalty program Blauw Bloed

Today we were filmed and interviewd for a new online program on Royalty collectors by the Dutch Royalty TV show Blauw Bloed.

We will let you know as soon as it is online.


Interview with Babette & Dionne for Blauw Bloed online Royalty program

website photo album problem

We regret that our website is not functioning optimally. The photo albums are not visible! We are working hard on a solution.

Update website

Perhaps it is known that a website without and SSL certificate is characterised by almost all search engines such as Google, Firefox etc. as unsafe. Almost every website must also be provided with a privacy statement, in accordance with EU legislation. Our website has been updated and meets the requirements of a secure website nowLees Meer

Interview for NAP news on princess Beatrix 80th birthday

Amsterdam 30 January 2018 This morning we were interviewd by NAP news. This because princess Beatrix celebrates her 80th birthday tomorrow. You can watch the filmed interview online from tomorrow  on :  

DenRon Collections ambassador for platform Online musea

As from the first of januari 2018 DenRon Collections are ambassadors for Online Musea. Online musea is the platform for collectors and is founded in 2013. The collectors who are members get their own hallmark and a certificate from Online musea. Unique museum worthy collections you can only view online. These collectors protect our culturalLees Meer

DenRonCollections wins 1st prize from jury Online Musea 2017

Jury report for the 1st prize of “MIJN TOPSTUK” 2017 A beautiful presentation of the Wilhelmina Plate 1898. A museum worthy presentation with many aspects covering a collection of commemorative items from the reign of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands. The presentation of the Wilhelmina Plate is very well looked after in everyLees Meer

Dutch Historical magazine

The Dutch historical magazine wants to promote the history of the counties of North and South Holland and is published 4 times a year. In their latest publishing is an article on the history of one of our Amsterdam souvenir spoons. The article was written by Anne Petterson.

From the archives of DenRon Collections

Here a publication on our collection in the Dutch Royalty magazine “Vorsten” from February 1995: Klick on photo to enlarge!

From the archives of DenRon Collections

In 2010 a book was published on Dutch traditions called ” Gezelligheid kent geen tijd”. In this book they showed a few items from our collection. The book was published by Terra and was written by Jack Botermans and Wim van Grinsven.

Donation to add to our collection

“We have recently received a donation from Mrs. Annemarie den Dulk to add to our collection. The donation consists of various items such as greeting and thank you cards, photographs, programs, etc many personally signed by the Dutch royal family. These were the private property of her father Mr. L. den Dulk. He served theLees Meer

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