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DenRon Collections, was conceived in 1996 when we decided to give our collections just a little more edge. We are both great admirers of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands, thus the reason why from that day in 1996 we pledged to collect as much of the memorabilia made for this fascinating monarch. With this website we love to tell you more about it.

Should you require any information about our collection or any of our speciality items then please don’t hesitate to mail us, we will reply to all e-mails.

Being opportunistic, as almost all collectors are, we would also like to mention that we are always on the lookout for any items to expand our collections.

Perhaps it is known that a website without and SSL certificate is characterised by almost all search engines such as
Google, Firefox etc. as unsafe. Almost every website must also be provided with a privacy statement, in accordance
with EU legislation.

Our website has been updated and meets the requirements of a secure website now with an SSL certificate.


– Privacy Statement page made for English and Dutch, the link is
in the footer of every page.

– The photo albums now have full titles underneath the album photo.

– A number of visuals have been updated.

For the sake of clarity, our website is not part of a company, but made as a hobby and to inform other collectors of
Oranjalia about the origins of our items and photos of our collection.

Lots of reading and viewing pleasure.

Dennis & Ron

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